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MRP Show

Former Heathen: Kevin (S2E1)

Heidi Barona October 16, 2019 341 5

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Hello listeners! Welcome to season 2 of MRP Show. We thank you for your support so far and hope you enjoy the coming episodes.  We are happy to say that our team has grown since season one. Kevin is now one of the three hosts of MRP Show. He featured in a couple of Pilot season episodes, but officially joined the show about halfway through season 1 when he, Jose, and Daniel made a trip to Philadelphia to record The Spectrum Part 2. In this first episode of season two, the hosts share more about their cultures and childhoods.  Kevin- Born in Atlanta, GA- Grady Hospital, to be specific. His parents are from El Salvador, Central America..  Jose- Born in Venezuela, South America.  Daniel- Born in Mexico, North America.  The guys expressed their love for Hispanic foods, so if you are not familiar with any of the ones they mentioned, the photos below should help. 


Something very true that the guys mentioned is that a lot of times we know what things are in our native language, but never care to find out what they are in English. For example, they mentioned “ajonjoli” which is Spanish for sesame seeds and “lentejas” which is Spanish for lentils. I didn’t know what “ajonjoli” was in English, either, until I was in my twenties. Also, as you probably realized, Jose says a few things in Spanish during this part of the episode. Just so you are aware, the accent he spoke in was not Venezuelan. Sometimes, I think he low-key wants to be Mexican. 

Jose mentions that he has a mini fridge in his bathroom. Although I and any other normal person would find this unusual, he says it’s because of the layout of his room. He recorded the video below for us to see, but I don’t think he shows us enough to justify this wild decision. 


Jose’s Mini Fridge


The guys talk about their siblings and how they all are the youngest in their family. If you’d like to put faces to the names, I suggest you follow the hosts on Instagram. 

Kevin- @kcampos15

Jose- @J_Villazana

Daniel- @seniorruiz

In this episode we learn about Kevin’s love and passion for art. Not only do I personally consider Kevin an artist, but a musician as well. He is also working on comics and other pieces of writing, so there is a lot this guy can do. 

As teens, the guys were all very much into creating their own comics. Below is one of the comics Kevin and his friend, Alex, created.

I would have shown some of Jose and Daniel’s stick figure comics as well, but Daniel took them home 15 years ago, and they have not been seen since. 

To finish off, the guys go over some of the things that MRP Show will be talking about in this new season. They continue to be very interested in the paranormal- and if you haven’t already listened to The Spectrum episodes of season one, go find them as soon as you finish reading this post. The guys will also be talking about conspiracy theories and will be interviewing some very interesting people, so stay tuned. 

Don’t forget that we rely on your feedback, so let us know what else you’d like to hear on the show! We thank you for your continuous support!


Description: The MRP Show hosts talk a little bit more about themselves. We share some insight about what this next season is going to be about, and a new cast member is officially introduced.

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