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MRP Show

In Gun We Trust (S2E6)

Heidi Barona November 27, 2019 170

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Hey guys! As you can tell from the title of this episode, the topic is on something heavy for many people in this country. There is so much controversy on the subject of guns, but we didn’t want to force our beliefs onto others, but merely share them, and maybe give you a bit more perspective. I will tell you that before recording this episode, my opinion on gun owners was not a very positive one, but thanks to our guest, Alex, I was able to be more open-minded and considerate of other people’s opinions and reasons. 


Alex had previously joined the show in the episode “The Hunt, S2E4”. If you haven’t already heard it, head on over there after you listen to this episode. As you may already know, Alex is a good friend of everyone on the show. We all have known Alex since we were kids, so knowing who we were talking to definitely made the conversation go smoother and at no point in the episode did any of us feel the need to overprotect our opinions and thoughts, so thank you, Alex. 


Kevin and Daniel hosted this episode. So, with four people in the room (plus Juan, the producer), we each went around and stated our views. The one with most to say on the subject was Alex since he was the only one between us who owns a gun. His reason for having a gun is a very noble one- for the protection of his family. He is married, has a six-year-old son and a baby on the way. After imagining myself in his position and knowing the kind of country/ world we live in, I start to realize more and more why he would feel the need to have a gun. Also, I did not understand, until now, that his thought wasn’t just to protect him and his family, but if he ever were in the situation, he would protect others around him. Many times as human beings we are very selfish, but it makes me feel hopeful to know that there are still people out there that care about the stranger beside them. 


Gun violence. Will we as a country ever find a solution to end gun violence? It’s very difficult to see a future where this country will agree on something to make America a safer place. If anything, I hope to see a time when children are no longer afraid to go to school. I’m not a mother yet, but it makes me sad to think that one day I may have to send my child to school and not trust that they’ll come back. We all have different views and are entitled to our own opinions, but one major thing we should all agree on is that we need to stand for the children of this country, and we need to do our best to protect them everywhere, whether that be at home or at school. By protecting them, we also protect the future of this country. 


After Alex shared the process by which he had to go through in order to carry a gun, it made me feel better knowing there is a procedure in place that could prohibit the wrong kind of people to have a gun in public locations. Sometimes, all we need in order to understand another person’s views is to educate ourselves more on the subject they are defending.


In conclusion, one thing we all agreed on was that in order to help this country move forward in a positive way, it is important for each of us to experience compassion. I know this may sound a bit delusional, but what if everyone were treated and treated others with compassion? Having compassion towards others means we are taking care of each other, whether that be physically or mentally. If you think about it, we may have come to a point where we may need compassion in order to survive. 


“Compassion naturally creates a positive atmosphere and as a result, you feel peaceful and content.” – Dalai Lama


Two guests with two different perspectives join the hosts to discuss gun control. This conversation is important as times are confusing and people are dying. In an effort to bridge the gap, pros and cons will be provided as we discuss both perspectives. No solutions are guaranteed, but maybe some common ground can be reached. The main goal is to get the conversation started and hope for some changes for the future.


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