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Male POV: Relationships Pt. 1

LykosPro April 22, 2019 143 5

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Part 1

Male POV: Relationships, Part 1

A week before Juan’s wedding, he, along with a few friends and family headed up to the mountains of Northern Georgia to celebrate his last moments of singlehood. Together they spent the night in a cabin, enjoyed some time in a hot tub, and then sat together to record this special episode.

In this bonus episode we hear the perspectives of 8 different men each in different stages of their lives and relationships. They share their points of view on relationships, sharing what they’ve learned so far, and providing advice to those going through similar situations.

One of MRP’s hosts and Juan’s long time friend, Daniel, begins by introducing himself. He is a single (and ready to mingle) 24 year old.

Then we have Manny, Juan’s cousin. He is 40 years old and divorced. In this episode the Barona brothers describe him as a person with “no filter”.

Jose, another one of MRP’s hosts and Juan’s long time friend, is 24 years old and currently in a year long relationship. He later introduces himself as “Mr. Steal Yo Girl”.

Cesar, Juan’s younger brother and host of his show, Cum Again podcast, is 29 years old and currently in a relationship.

Jonathan, also known as “Platano” (Spanish for Plantain because he is Dominican), is 34 years old and single.

Juan, the bachelor in this episode and producer of the MRP show, is 32 years old and now married to the love his life, Heidi.

Roberto, Heidi’s cousin, was the youngest in the group. He is 18 years old, single, and “looking”.

Finally, we have Guillo, Juan’s older brother who has been happily married for 13 years to his wife, Joana. While introducing himself he confirms, “It is true that love exists and it does last for a long time if you want it to.”.

The first question Daniel asks is, “How long were you single before you got married?”. Each man shared a bit of their past and provided some advice when ending a relationship and moving on to another. Below are some of the things they mentioned.

“Everytime you finish a relationship, take your time before you go into another one.”- Manny

“Take time for yourself, enjoy being single.”– Cesar

Jose shared the story of how his current relationship began.

“Memes- Today’s mating call.”- Jose

As Cesar shares the amount of time he has been single, Guillo comments, “The Barona males cannot be single for that long. We are good-looking. We should be dating 24-7, nonstop.”.

Cesar laughs and continues, “Love was never my first priority, it was always money… love was never my priority… I love being single, I love my alone time… Legit, this is the first I’ve ever been in love… But like you all are saying, it happens unexpectedly. It happened with a tap on an app. Like a millenial love story.”.

The group then talked a little about financial equality in a relationship.
“I don’t really care if she makes more than me. I’d be more than happy to sign a prenup before we marry.”- Manny

After finally confirming him being single, Jonathan states, “Sometimes it [relationships] just doesn’t work out.”. He is still working on figuring out the kind of relationship he wants and needs. He adds, “I know that love does exist, and I am still waiting for that.”

Cesar provides some advice to those seeking love, “Your significant other doesn’t have to be in Georgia… Don’t limit yourself, please expand your wings and explore.”.

It was then time for Roberto to speak. He tells about his most recent relationship and explains why it didn’t work out. “She didn’t like to show emotion, and I guess I showed too much of it.”, he said.

He also shared on another of his past relationships, one that did not end as well either.

“She just showed up with some dude at church.”

He explains how that relationship affected him.

“I built up this huge wall around my emotions.”

Guillo offers him some advice, “Robert, listen to this: You have to let that go… You’re young, you’re a good looking guy, you just have to let that go and move on with your life.”.

Robert tries to convince the group that he has moved on. He tells them he has been “looking” and is currently on Tinder. Guillo continues, “My advice to you is to leave tinder. You wanna have sex? Go to tinder. You wanna have a relationship?”. “Go to church.”, Manny says cutting in. “Thank you, Manny…The youth group is the best.”, Guillo says.

They explain that at his age that is one of the best places to meet new people.

The next question was for the married and/ or engaged: How did they know that person was the one, and what is the secret?

Guillo begins by stating there is no secret. It’s a gamble with any person you choose.

“There is a feeling inside of you of what you want… You think you know you want to be with that person for the rest of your life and guess what? They ended up in divorce… It’s a gamble. There is one thing I knew I wanted in my life and that was a family.”

Joanna, Guillo’s wife, became pregnant 6 months into their relationship. Guillo shares how he felt about Joanna, “All I knew was that you’re pregnant, you’re going to have my kid, I want to be with you, and I want to raise that kid with a family… I want my kid to be raised in a family, mom and dad together.”

Guillo made it clear that the most important thing to him is family, and there was nothing more he wanted than to raise the baby with Joanna.

The men were curious to ask: Had she not been pregnant would they have still stayed together?

Guillo couldn’t say but explained that there could have been so many different outcomes. “Because you don’t know. You really don’t know. I’m just glad we got pregnant and we’re together.”

Manny shares how he looks up to Guillo and Joanna.

“Personally, if you want to have a family, I would look at Guillo’s family first… They are the best example to follow up.”

Guillo goes on providing insight as to how he and his wife have been able to have a successful marriage. He explains marriage as a partnership. They always see and treat each other as equals.

“She never made me feel like anything less or anything more… It was never who was providing or who was on top… It was always we are looking out for each other and that’s it. She made it really easy…. She never made me feel like anything less and I never made her feel like anything less either… We never have told each other I am more or less than you are. It has always been equal and that is what has made it easier for us.”

It was then Juan’s turn to say how he found “the one”.

“You kind of balance each other out; you find a person that fills that need and then vice versa.”

He also adds that the way you feel about that person doesn’t change. You feel the same way as you did at the beginning.

“The essence of your relationship is still the same.”

You can tell Juan is not very expressive person. He had a difficult time explaining his experience with love, but states, “It’s hard to answer, or to put into words…. Sometimes you want to explain it but it is hard to define love.”.

Please see the following post for the next part of this bonus episode.

-Heidi Barona

Podcast Description:

We went off our usual format and setting to bring you a two part BONUS episode . A discussion on relationships from a man’s perspective. This episode is an introduction to a different style of the MRP Show: Group Discussions.

Eight individual men share their advise and experiences as they travel through the stages of their relationship life.

Continue this discussion by going to part 2 of this episode. Available Now. 

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