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MRP Show

Notarized Tech (S2E3)

Heidi Barona November 6, 2019 217 5

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Hello, everyone! For this episode, we recorded at Kevin’s apartment. (Thank you, Kevin, for having us.) The guest, or Couch Potato, is Tito Toledo, a 22-year-old, who recently graduated from Georgia State University as a Computer Scientist.

The guest and hosts were all 90’s babies who grew up witnessing countless technological advancements. Some of the topics they discussed were regarding privacy online, dependence on technology, how our jobs and social interactions have been affected by technology, and lastly, artificial technology. 

If you are like me- not too interested or even knowledgeable in technology, I advise you listen anyway. Trust me, these guys definitely know how to keep the conversation interesting. I myself actually learned a lot from this episode, so thank you, MRP Show. 

You can really feel the nostalgia in the room as the guys start off by sharing their first memories of technology in their lives. 

One main topic of technology was the internet. How important is the internet nowadays? We use the internet for almost everything and anything. Have we gotten to the point where we can’t live without it? And I’m not just talking about social media, because we literally use the internet for almost every part of our lives. In the mornings, one of the first things I do is check the weather. Then use a GPS to get to work. At work, all I do is use the internet. 

Just like everything else, there are pros and cons to the internet. Throughout the episode, the guys mentioned several times that the internet is not a bad thing at all, but it’s sometimes what we do with the internet that makes it bad. 

Although the internet has made our lives easier, we sometimes make it complicated and use it for the wrong reasons. Or as the guys mentioned, we sometimes rely so much on what we can find online that it has affected our ability to learn and memorize things for ourselves. As Kevin said, “We take the information for granted because we know where to find it.”.

The guys also discuss something that everyone hates- Terms and Conditions. I honestly have never taken the time to read through the terms and conditions of anything I use. Have you? Probably not, right? 

How has technology affected our jobs? In many ways, technology has made our jobs more efficient, safer, and definitely easier. One con is that automation has replaced many humans’ jobs. 

Here’s another big topic: the effect of technology on our social life and interactions. Compared to the generations before us, some days we experience minimal human contact. Everything we do is usually from behind a screen, whether that be a phone, tablet, or computer. How has technology affected our relationships with our loved ones as well as with strangers from everywhere around the world? 

The last topic was in regards to Artificial intelligence. This was something I wasn’t so knowledgable in, but yet interesting to hear about. To be honest, it seems this is a topic we all are not ready to comprehend in full- yet. 

To quote the wise Jose Villazana, “In conclusion, technology is here to stay, and it is here to advance. It is here to make our lives better or worse.”. 


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Description: With the advancement of technology in today’s society a discussion about how it’s affecting human interaction is needed. Jose, Kevin, Daniel and a special guest, recently graduated from Georgia State in Computer Science, talk about the pros and cons that come with technology pertaining to social interactions, privacy, jobs, dependency and AI.

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