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MRP Show

The Hunt (S2E4)

LykosPro November 13, 2019 81

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Hello, MRP listeners! Thanks again for joining us on another episode. Kevin and Daniel are both the hosts of this episode, but Kevin takes the lead as this subject is something close and dear to his heart: Collecting. 

I think everyone collects something at least for some time in their lives. It could be from something as simple as buttons to something extravagant, like expensive watches. Everyone has different interests and collecting is just another way of showing who you are and how materialistic things can hold great value in our hearts. 

Today’s Couch Potato is Alex, a 25-year-old collector and a very good friend of Kevin’s. 

The guys start off by sharing a bit of what they used to collect as kids. Maybe you might recognize a couple of the ones they name, such as Max Steel, Corps, and Homies action figures. They also share how collecting became something bigger for them as grown-ups as they are more independent now and make their own money. 

Now, Alex has collections of different things such as Hot Wheels, Watches, Funko Pop figures, and a few others. Kevin also collects Funko Pop figures. Below is just a small part of Kevin’s collection. 

I think the nicest thing about Alex and Kevin’s friendship is the support they receive from each other when they go on “The Hunt”. It’s almost romantic when they talk about the good hunts they’ve had together.

One important thing about being a collector is being with someone who is understanding and supportive of your Hobby. Alex shares his love for his wife, Yara. He shares how blessed he feels to have her since she lets him keep his collections all over their apartment. “You would not think a woman lives in this apartment,” Alex says. She has always been and continues being very supportive and allows Alex to buy and keep all his things. I’d say he’s lucky to have married Yara also since he does not plan to stop collecting anytime soon. It’s nice to have friends and family that support your hobbies even if they may seem unusual to others. 

Like the guys mentioned, everyone collects, sometimes subconsciously, so….

“Show off what you love.” – Kevin


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Description: How far are you willing to go for the hunt? Daniel and Kevin explore this idea with our couch potato Alex who is an avid collector. Join us as we dive into the mindset of a collector and learn that we may leave behind our moral compass in the pursuit of happiness. 


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